We recognize that each of us has our own motivation to exercise,
and the steps towards achieving a healthy lifestyle is unique to each individual.

We believe that connecting with people who care about you and your goals is the single best thing you can do to ensure success. We are genuinely invested in providing mentorship and the tools our clients need to succeed. Our clients are an extension of our family and we celebrate their every victory.

SOLE Experience Running Company believes in making running accessible and inclusive – no one runs alone.
Our team of experienced leaders has the sole purpose in helping you enjoy your run.

Eric M Sole Experience Leader and Owner Talk to Eric


Founder / Personal Run Coach / Running Extraordinaire

Eric’s first goal is to help people of all ages and abilities enjoy running. He is a running coach and athlete who loves to talk running almost as much as he loves to run. Eric is your go-to person for any questions, running or otherwise.

Lorie M Sole Experience Leader


Distance Runner / Yogi / Paramedic

Lorie's yoga practice (Sole Breath) is her newest way of helping people enjoy running. She is also the Founder and Race Director for Athletes In Kind (AIK). Her infectious enthusiasm and trail experience is inspiring to all who meet her.

Siusan K Sole Experience Leader


Distance Runner / Youth Coach

Nothing gets in Siusan's way. She sees obstacles as challenges always looking to overcome anything life may bring. Her positive attitude is contagious. One of her goals is to run a half marathon with her two children, perhaps after the Australian Open.

Reid M Sole Experience Leader


Middle Distance Runner / Student

This young, humble, accomplished athlete has given back to his running community since he was 14. He is wise beyond his years and inspiring to all ages and fitness levels.

Liz M Sole Experience Leader


Distance Runner / Cyclist / Retired

This retired banker has been running most of her life. Lizzy is an inspiration to us all with her contagious smile and her witty humour she she just makes running fun no matter how long, short, or difficult. Run with Liz "SOLE is her new FAST".

Melissa N Sole Experience Leader


Distance Runner / Pilates Instructor

Melissa loves to help people with their fitness goals. She will help you keep moving so you can keep enjoying what you love to do.

Michelle P Sole Experience Leader


Distance Runner / Family Support

Michelle takes care of people. She looks after her family and she looks after families in need in her career. If you think you have obstacles to your running she will show you how to get through them. She is Sole Strong.

Elsie M Sole Experience Leader


Rock Climber / Runner

This young leader is tougher then she looks, rock climbing will do that for a runner. Elise has been running in groups since before she started school, that's over 400 clinics. Now she loves to help other people enjoy running from 5 years old to 70. She'll get you there!

Tori B Sole Experience Leader


Distance Runner / Nurse

Tori understands how important it is to stay healthy, she helps people everyday from her family, three young children, to her patients. She also understands there is a lot that needs to be accomplished everyday and she will help you get the most out of your time when you run with her.

Tim L Sole Experience Leader


Distance Runner / Cyclist

Tim puts the needs of other people ahead of his own, whether at work, at home or in a group run. He is a very experienced leader over many distances and pace groups. On the trails or roads he is always ready, willing and able.

Sherri S Sole Experience Leader


Runner / Fitness Instructor / Counsellor

Sherri has a long list of sports she has become proficient at including: triathlon, adventure racing, mountain biking & running. This busy mom puts her passion for helping others into every fitness group she coaches.

Carrie Ann Sole Experience Leader


Sprinter / MMA Athlete

Carrie Ann surprises most people, not with her caring style of coaching but because she is a Sprinter (100 m & 200 m) and an accomplished Mixed Martial Arts athlete. Her first concern is you and your workout, she's in your corner!

Cheryl L Sole Experience Leader

Cheryl Ludeman

Distance Runner / Soccer Player

Cheryl loves to train and she brings her enthusiasm to every sport she does, from Spartan to the soccer filed. She is going to make sure you have fun on your run.

Robert W Sole Experience Leader

Robert Wagner

Distance Runner / Alpine Skier / Mountain Biker

Robert is the adventure seeker. This has taken him to some amazing places around the world but he is just as at home leading new and experienced runners through their workout. He's always up for what's next.

Linda P Sole Experience Leader

Linda Pellicano

Distance Runner / Triathlete / Cyclist

Linda is an accomplished triathlete, recently competing in the XTERRA World Championships in Hawaii. This humble athlete spends a lot of time on the trails, including Ultra Marathons but makes time to lead runners on the road with Sole +. This helps make her an excellent F2C Ambassador.

Sonja Fletcher Sole Experience Leader

Sonja Fletcher

Runner/ Early Childhood Educator

Sonja spends her days caring for people. She is a busy working mom who understands the importance of her own health and fitness. It makes everything she does easier. She has transformed from a Sole participant to a Sole leader and is always ready to help others overcome those obstacles we all face.


$180 includes any trail runners & 6 trail sessions
$60 for 6 sessions



$15 drop-in



$99.00 for one week



The SOLE team and clients are grateful for the support we receive from those who keep our minds, bodies, and souls healthy and well nourished.
image Athletes in Kind


Founded by Lorie Muller, Athletes in Kind (AIK) is a non-profit organization that supports families who are struggling financially because of childhood cancer.

image Believe Yoga

Believe Yoga

Compliment your running program with a variety of yoga classes in infrared heat.

image Dr Grant Kim

Dr Grant Kim

Combining chiropractic with soft tissue therapy to treat musculoskeletal injuries. Focuses on the treatment of sports, repetitive strain and traumatic injuries of the the spine, upper, and lower extremities.


Dr Mahmood
Care Place Wellness Centre

A warm and welcoming clinic that provides holistic health care, acupuncture, nutrition and lifestyle consultations. An excellent option for athletes of all levels.

image Envision Fitness

Envision Fitness

Expert support to help you become stronger and achieve your goals injury-fee.

image Golden Ears Athletics

Golden Ears Athletics

Non-profit community-based club, providing coaching services to all levels in track & field, cross country, and road since 1998.


Maxine Mikolay
Beachbody / Personal Trainer

As a personal trainer, Maxine safely guides clients through The 21 Day Fix program as an effective path towards increased energy and weight loss.

image Stomping Grounds

Stomping Grounds

Community-inspired handcrafted coffees, bistro, and catering in Osprey Village.