Sole Experience personal run programsPERSONAL RUN PROGRAMS

Customized for anyone and any level!

Enjoy being consistently injury-free and exceed your goals with a program designed specifically for you and your schedule!


  • Gait & form assessment
  • Online support & workouts that fit your schedule
  • Tuesday night SOLE+ sessions


  • Consultation & 1st month $140
  • Monthly Program $85
  • Personal Coaching Session $45/HR



“I just qualified for the Boston Marathon with Eric by my side in the Vancouver Marathon this past May. He really makes training enjoyable and easy to fit in your schedule when time just feels like you can’t fit anything in. I would highly recommend Eric to anyone that is already running or just wants to start his or her journey. Trust me the journey of being a runner is so spectacular when the 1st thing you look forward to in the morning is to lace those runners! Thanks coach Eric ! Your the best” ~ Kerrie Naples