There is always someone faster. That goes for very single person who runs;
all you have to do is change the distance and now that fast runner is not the fastest.

That does not take away one bit from your workout. We are interested in your effort and what improvement means to you.
Our programs are inclusive, fun and safe. Check them out.

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One day my husband and I were discussing how, when we were younger, we wanted to be sprinters but never got the chance. So we decided why not give it a try now? We heard about Sole Experience Running Company through several friends of ours and decided to contact Eric. He got back to us right away and was enthusiastic about helping us reach our goal. Eric is very supportive, personable and always has a smile on his face. We wanted to learn all the technical aspects of the sport and he does an excellent job breaking down the mechanics of sprinting into easily achievable exercises. It is clear that Eric lives and breathes running! With Eric's encouragement and guidance, I ran my first 100 m race after just a few lessons. Eric's coaching enabled me to put my nervousness aside and run for my own enjoyment. Now, every week my husband and I look forward to hitting the track together and are thankful to have Eric help us make sprinting our Sole Experience!

~ Carrie Ann